Thursday, February 23, 2006


Ahhhhhhhh! Right now all I can seem to feel is nervous energy. Tomorrow I will continue to the next step of the muscial journey I have been on for nearly 5 years. I will play some of my songs for people who are going to help me record those songs. (No, not a record company, but people who know music.) This is something I have wanted to do most of my life, and I am excited about doing it, but as I praticed today, I sounded crap. Nothing really sounded right. AHHHHHH! I don't like feeling this way. I am sure this too will pass. Ahhhhh I hate second guessing myself. I wonder if any other singer/songwriter's go through this? Somehow I don't see Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin or Rita Springer going through this. Hmmmm I wonder.


Christian Plainclothes said...

Hey hon,

We're back in Searcy...

The boy is nearing 5 and a wonder to behold.

Your good friend who I married and love dearly is still the best part of being me.

No longer an Arabian musician I now am in and out of prison as a minister of the Word.

My own songwriting jouney continues to be fulfilling and full.

I now have a portable studio and would be willing to aid you in whatever way possible, just give us time to return from our annual mission trip to Grenada and Trinidad.

If you haven't figured out by now it's your Cricket's buddy jk.

Love and Peace - Christian Plainclothes

hsp said...

chrisitan plainclothes,
I have so been wondering about you guys. wow, 5? crazy huh. would love to see, talk, and hang out with you guys asap. i soooo miss your presence in my everyday life. i still think about "The Rock." do you? email me