Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas, friends!

During this time of festivity & celebration I am reminded how wonderful light is. I take great pleasure in seeing how people decorate their inside & outside spaces. 'Tis the season for people to pay attention to sometimes neglected spaces. All in the hopes of bringing joy to those who view it. Late last night as I was making a mad dash to the pharmacy, my attention was momentarily diverted from the physical discomfort I was in by a neighbors's simple but beautiful light display. Although I enjoy looking at my neighbors Christmas lights, I have never attempted to decorate the outside of my house with lights. 

In the last few years I have been rather inconsistent with my Christmas decorating. Last year I was determined to have a Christmas tree, because I didn't have one the year before.
But this year, I just well, the time got away from me and well I didn't really get a tree and so this is what my living room looks like today
Although there is no Christmas tree or stockings hung, it is still a pretty magical place to me, especially with the candle's lit :-)

Continuing with the lighting theme:

Several years ago when I became the caretaker of my dream house, built circa 1929, there were a few updates that needed to happen. First and foremost, central heat & AIR had to be in Montgomery with no central air in mid August, is unbearable. I know there are people who do it; they are better people than I because I only lasted one summer without it.  Second, I, with help (through the years) of my best gal-pal, Liz, ripped up carpet & three layers of linoleum (in certain rooms), to expose the fantastic hardwood floors. My best boy-pal Trey, sanded & refinished the said hardwood floors. Third, over the last year & a half I have had my electrical wiring worked on, in different phases. The latest phase has included making my doorbells functional & changing every 2 prong plug to grounded plugs....WOW! Mind you that not every plug in the house needed to be changed, but because of safety's sake, every plug was at least checked to make sure it was in proper working order. There are 45 outlets in my house. 38 or so had to be changed! That is A-LOT! (I have a great electrician, who is friendly & affordable... email if you live in the area and need one)! I am grateful that all of my outlets are now safe & functional!

'Ode to Irony

Considering that I have been in an UBER creative mood lately and inspired by the "great plug changeover 2010" I created my version of a candle scape I saw in Anthropologie, earlier this year------>

I hope your Christmas season is filled with warmth, joy, peace, love and most importantly, The Light of the World!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Punkin' Babies

Darcy & Norah 

Ginger & CoCo 

I am (un)officially a cat shelter. I added Ginger & CoCo to the family this summer.

They were born in my future Guest cottage but current garage.  

Sometimes I wonder what it was like just to have Darcy & Ella

Both so laid back. Hmm, it's been a few years. Ella has decided to permanently move outside to my neighbor Bonnie's house, again, due to the fact that she does not appreciate the new "punkinhead's." Although she comes "home" for daily treats, she no longer wants to stay inside. I miss her. She will always be my first girlie kitten. She is very laid back... the exact opposite of

Opera Diva, Norah

Norah does NOT care for the new kittens, at all.Unlike Ella, she does not run outside to escape from them. Oh no! She makes anyone within ear shot aware that she is NOT happy about the ingenues trying share the same stage as she, the most supreme Opera Diva Norah!

I must admit, I am NOT a fan of Norah's operatic tirades. She sometimes feels the need to share her aria's 3 & 4 times a day. I am at a loss of how to stop her from having an aggressive attitude towards the "cat babies." Although she has not actually hurt them she has screamed at them, numerous times. I have tried the plug in that is supposed to "mimic" the mothers sent. I have made loud noises, used the water bottle, tried to distract, even had to get her in a submissive position, because she was taking her aggression towards the kittens out on me, all to lackluster results.

 I miss the Norah who sat right by me during my sickest part of chemo, last year. The Norah who would not leave my side unless I got up. She doesn't let me pet her for very long anymore. I am frustrated with the current state of affairs. I am LONGING for the day when there is a relatively peaceful co-habbitation amongst the feline members of the Winona Ave. Parrish's

Saturday, December 04, 2010

My Ode to Joy

I ❤ Creating, I ❤ Designing!
I ❤ Art , I ❤ Painting
I ❤ Music, I ❤ Playing!
I ❤ Songs, I ❤ Singing!
I ❤ Books, I ❤ Reading!
I ❤ Stories, I ❤ Writing!
I ❤ Dance, I ❤ Boogieing!
I ❤ Theatre, I Acting!
& I need all of these artistic treasures
2 express the deepest parts of who I am
& who I am called to be!