Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grad School

Theatre Side of the
Comm. Arts Building 
I'm "back in the saddle again" of Grad School! I am in a M.A. program @ Regent University, in Virginia. In the summer of 2008, I lived in Virginia and attended classes on campus. This semester I am doing work online. (I prefer face to face classes.) I am taking a Textual Analysis class & wow, is it CHALLENGING me! I have to read multiple plays throughout the semester & turn in several projects. I am excited (& nervous) about that though, because I believe these challenges will truly help to refine and hone my ability to understand what the playwright's original intent is. (Extremely important for a design team to grasp!) This process of attempting to discover the playwrights original intent is a journey & I haven't always clearly known where to start or where I will end up. This class is teaching me navigational tools; starting points and refueling stops along the way.

Very Colorful!
Our 1st play we are reading is The Colored Museum, by George C. Wolfe. I originally was in this class in 2009, but had to drop out early on in the semester, due to the uterine cancer moving to my spine. I had read this play in January, 2009, and it was a bit shocking & uncomfortable, as it is intended to be. However, this time, as I did a bit of research about George C. Wolfe, I got a feel for more of why he writes, what he writes. When I re-read the play, I had a MUCH greater understanding of what I believe the ESSENCE OR SPIRIT of the play is. I want to read it again before I give my official post for the class, but I actually have ideas instead of cluelessness; that is huge!

"You know I love u
 more than my luggage!"
Not only am I taking a class, I am also doing an internship @ Faulkner Theatre. I am officially the Theatre Graduate Assistant! I am really excited to be back @ the Theatre, for I have missed it so. (I had originally been the intern in 2009.) I can't believe it's been two years; time has flown! One of my goals for this Internship, is to assist in the classroom; Costume History, Technical Design 2 & Make-up. Also, I am hoping to assist in the research, design & construction of costumes for Steel Magnolias & The Scarlet Pimpernel

Woo, I am a bit overwhelmed thinking about everything that has to happen by April 30th. Yet,
I am grateful that I am back in the Theatre world again. It has been a passion of mine for many years. Never thought when I laid it on the alter 10 1/2 years ago that God would bring me back to it. Now I see that He took me away from it so He could be God of my life, not theatre. Now that we have a deep relationship, He has brought me back to it, as a place to serve, encourage, teach & learn! I love Him!