Friday, May 06, 2011

Ahhh Spring!

Woo-Hoo! This semester is OVA!!! To say that it was a challenging is an understatement! I am grateful that I got to experience it, but I am even more excited to be finished with it. Learned MANY lessons along the way. This picture is a representation of one of the main lessons I learned... it was taken at The Waters. A dear friend of mine went with me to have a pic-nic and to breathe. I have learned that in the middle of craziness, I need to remember to take time to nurture the inner Heather and special friendships. To always trust that my steps are ordered by Jesus. To trust that He has prepared and equipped TRUST Him, in EVERYTHING...yes even school assignments.

I have also learned that I need to be surrounded with nature. Being in His creation does wonders for my soul, especially when I am stressed... He has blessed me with a wonderful little city garden that I enjoy most days, but sometimes I need to go experience places such as The Waters.

This gorgeous beauty came from my rose bush!!!! A former neighbor gave this rose bush to me... a military acquaintance of his was leaving Montgomery and knew he loved roses.  He decided that he would share it with me :-) He no longer lives here either, but I have a piece of his generosity and a constant reminder of our friendship every time she blooms....Thanks Jason!

LOVE this time of the year....working in the garden, going to the garden center's, just being outside is wonderful!  Also been enjoying taking pictures with nifty iPhone apps, Instagram, OldPhotoPro & Retro Camera. (what did I do before my iPhone?)

Trying to make the most of each day! More to come...

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