Friday, December 16, 2005


So a BIG thumbs up for Best Buy. They have this deal where if you buy a "Rewards" card, you can use it every time you purchase something. Well then they send you "Best Buy Dollars." (BBD's) All I got to say is, I used $25.00 of the BBD's, last week, and yesterday, they sent me $65.00 more BBD's. So today I purchased some Christmas presents on Best Buy. Then, because my bill was like $93.00 they gave me a free $10.00, gift card. I ended up only paying $10.00 total, because you can not use the BBD's for tax. (I had other BBD's that I didn't spend last week.) So YEA Best Buy!

And now for something completely different... I think I have a new feline tenant. Her name is Tamale. (I didn't name her. She actually belongs to my neighbor, Dr. Doolittle, but he won't let her stay inside, so she has made her choice of residence, and that would be at my place a.k.a "The cat shelter.") She may or may not be preg's. Darcy and Ella are trying to adjust. Because she is still a kitten, she loves to play, yet she loves to play rough! They are not quite used to that, and neither am I. Let's just say that in the last few weeks my hands have not looked so "great." She definitely adds spice and scratches to my life.

So what were the requirements of being the "Cat Lady?" (No not cat woman. Cat woman is 5'5, 102 lbs. And has the ability to jump higher than I can. I mean that woman that everyone doesn't want to turn into, because her life is well, not ideal.) I need to make sure I'm not slouching on the job. Pretty sure I am well on my way to being "that" person.

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Rob said...

You mean "That person" that local news crews to show up to film as they pull out 231 cats from in, under, and around her house while you cry out "Don't take my babies...don't take my babies?" Please Heather, don't go there. You have too many teeth to go there! Stay focused and DO NOT go there.